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Journey 2020

An exhibition of Bronze Sculpture 28 November 2020, Platform Gallery, Lions River, KZN Midlands, R103

These works are a culmination of all that I have created already. Many years of acquiring skills and gaining confidence in the creation of figures of various sizes, and creatures of different descriptions.  I have constantly explored and search for some way to express this invisible wordless ‘something’, which has been desperately and persistently willing itself to be ‘seen’.

I am attracted to the natural environment, its creatures and the hidden flow of energy that is inherent within it. The works are also an exploration of self. Of how I view my physical body, but not necessarily how others see it. The feminine embodies the energies of Mother Nature, with its wildness and changeability, birthing and dying.

I wonder about my relationship with the natural environment: how do I ‘belong’ and connect to it? I observe how the intellect often separates me from this connection, and disrupts my creative flow by excessive analysis and fear.

I wonder at the impact that humans have on the world, our selfish disregard to this natural flow: this power and refined beauty. We so often take it for granted and feel separate and often fearful of it. This all seems so absurd, and yet our industrialised perspective pushes us further away.

My works are sometimes whimsical, dreamy and playful. But always serious. Of this world and yet imagined. They are a dichotomy, juxtaposing the rational and the irrational. They show my confusion of ideas, my busy brain, and my yearning for something else, a quietness perhaps; something possible that I still need to find, and yet I know I already have.