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Day Dream – Maquette

Being alive is an adventure. We don’t know the end point yet, so we journey on dreams, hopes and fears. It becomes a journey of perception and experience. How we see our lives, and how we choose to embrace this ‘life’ we have.
Is it a carpet ride of flowers?  Is nature part of this process? Do we travel with our natural instincts or go against the grain? Do we support the natural environment, care for it and allow for it? Or does the natural world support us, grow us, challenge and heal us?
These are some of the questions I ponder daily. I try my best to engage with, respect and embrace, the beauty around me. Nature springs naturally from this planet we live on, and so do we.

Bronze | Edition 10 | 32 x 66 x 28 cm | 9.5kg | 2021 | Exhibition: Journey