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Today is Tomorrow

This sculpture looks at the idea that today’s actions and attitudes will effect tomorrow. Our life is only today, this moment, yesterday effects today and tomorrow is a consequence of yesterday. Everything is connected. We strive to move forward but can only be in the present. Our mind projects and stresses about the future, when now is all we can really change.

This sculpture shows this action through the human body – removing the head and legs – bringing the viewer to the present, yet indicating our striving and struggle to move forward into tomorrow.

The inside part of the bronze is visibly a place of random wax marks from the casting process and a playful pattern indicates the challenge in life – the reminder that life is but a ‘game of now’, there is synchronicity, and playful coincidences that can alter the course of tomorrow – beyond our means to control.

Bronze | Edition 15 | 150 x 50 x 60 cm (not including metal stand) | 2011 | Exhibition: Further