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Figure and Organic Shape

This was one of the final works I made after 4 years of study. I experimented with creating a human female (self- portrait) form by painstakingly welding the figure from thin mild steel, and the dress from woven branches. The organic form made of metal and organic matter; a modification of the organic forms previously explored in earlier works. Connecting the two elements with a carpet made of metal and leaves.

I haven’t seen images of this work for many years and am again surprised by the connection it has to my current work in my exhibition titled ‘Journey’ 2020. Female figures, embraced and embracing nature. Searching for the connection between humans and nature. Although to be honest, I had no conscious understanding of what I was trying to say with this work at the time. It is only in hind-site do I see the connection, and how I am still exploring the same themes these 25 years or so later.

Organic matter and metal | approx 2m high | 1989 | Exhibition: Student Artworks