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Woman on a Pedestal

For this sculpture I worked in clay with a looser modeling style, working from a live model. Then cast it into concrete with a multi-piece Plaster-of-Paris mould. I then put her on a pedestal, made by packing concrete directly onto a welded metal armature. The relief at the bottom was a challenge, because of the circular shape.

Relief is important to me and I have experimented with this form of sculpture in many different ways over the years. It is a way of telling a story, and can allow for complex images because there is no need for inner armatures, for structure while modeling. Having said that, it is also a complex way of modeling, as it falls between the 2D image which allows for the complexity of visual perspective and a 3D sculpture. You can see more recent interpretations of the relief in the bronze panels in the 2020 Exhibition titled ‘Journey”. Click this link for images and information.

Concrete | approx 2.3m high | 1989 | Exhibition: Student Artworks