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In Search of a Beacon

The figure in this sculpture was the 1st life-sized figure I modeled and cast. It was a real undertaking for me and I worked from a live model. I really was in my happy place when I made this. But then came the challenge of making the multi-piece mould, and casting it into cement fondue concrete. Experimenting with the surface texture in the way I packed the mould. The blotchy colouring was because I experimented with oil to darken the surface – clearly it did not work very well.

Then there was the issue of how to complete the work.  I learnt some hard lessons about structure when the whole tower collapsed to the side when adding the rocks because of the lack of bracing. The rocks predict an aspect of to my life today, as our house is clad in raw rock. She (I) was very much in search of something back then, and only in hindsight can I see how that journey of self-discovery has panned out. A very blurry and uncertain time of my life; the title was so appropriate.

Concrete | approx 2.6m high | 1988 | Exhibition: Student Artworks